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Welcome on my page! Pieter de Vogel

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Hi , I am Pieter de Vogel!

My company has been estabished in 1968 by my grandfather.

My father took over the company.

I joint in 1998 and I am owner since 2005.

The year after we started with growing organic.

My company is 3,5 hectare.

My father was organic grower already in the beginning of the eighties. Unfortunately it was too early, the sales were not there and sadly my father needed to quit with organics..

But it got my interest as I grew up with organic.

In 2005 my wife and I I investigated starting organics, we got green light and started immediately.

At the moment we grow cucumbers and different varieties of peppers.

It is a big challenge growing my products together with nature. Doing this without chemicals is a fantastic job.

Of course not everything is going well but normally spoken nature solves the problem itselves. It is very nice to see this. On the other hand I do have a lower production, more labour and more risk. As organic grower I really need a higher price.

Growing different products gives more variation in activities.This is results in a bigger challenge. But at the end, when everything went fine it gives really satesfaction.

A lot of people like to vist my company. Especially conventional growers who like to see how I grow organic. But also consumers like to see my organic glasshouse.

The glasshouse is in a rural surroundings at the edge of Rotterdam . This has a historical reason so the products sold in Rotterdam.

Zann is a nice company always trying to get the best fort heir growers. Cummunicationl ines are short.

I know every person in het company so I always find the right person.