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Welcome on our page! Joris Kollewijn and Jan Schrijver

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Hi, I am Joris Kollewijn!

Our farm has started in 1971 by Jan Schrijver and we were one of the first operating bio dynamic company’s in The Netherlands.

In 1996 I started working there as an intern and after my study I started as an employee, in 2003 I became partner in the company.

We grow on around 60 hectares of land and in the next coming years this will be 70 hectares.

We also have glasshouse of half a hectare.

I’ve literally grew up with organic so when I made the decision to get into agriculture organic already was normal for me. If you know you can grow nice and healthy products without any chemicals and fertilizer then you will also not start with this.

The most important crops for us are different kind of cabbages, potatoes, grains, carrots and beet root.

Besides that we also grow some smaller amounts of pumpkins, different leaf crops, herbs, turnips, tomatoes, cucumbers and lots and lots more!

Organic farming really gives me the feeling that you can really contribute to the earth, people and nature.

Our farm is located in the north of Holland close to the coast and dunes where a lot of storable vegetables are being grown. A lot of agriculture is being done in our area where a fresh sea breeze ensures healthy circumstances for healthy crops!

If ZANN wasn’t there this company wouldn’t have existed.

In the 1980’s there were some difficult times but ZANN really helped out the company to pull through!

ZANN is our partner for sales to foreign countries, because of that our company is able to keep growing!